Join me in honouring Jenn’s legacy, and in helping bring hope to others.After a hiatus in 2017 to take care of our beloved Jenn, we’re back on track for Pink Cup 2018. As always, there is much to do. And as always, your involvement in this event is greatly appreciated. Over the last handful of years, our humble gang has raised and donated more than a half million dollars toward cancer-related initiatives. This milestone is all because of YOU, and that’s the truth.

Asking my friends to get involved or stay involved with our Pink Cup is the toughest thing I do, but it’s also the most meaningful thing I do. Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, the Pink Cup has always been a high quality event, and our charities of choice are worthy recipients of our collective efforts.

MY BIG ASK is that Pink Cup Golfers pay for their Teams as soon as possible. A deposit has already been made to the Banff Springs Golf Club, but it’s far easier for me to sleep at night when I know our teams are signed up and ready to go. Thank you in advance for your help in this regard.

If it’s within your heart and ability, I also ask that you consider sponsorship of our fine tournament. The money we receive from Pink Cup supporters is the lifeblood that allows us to raise as much money as possible. By way of logo placement on event signage and promotion on this website, plus our loudest call to “support our supporters,” we strive to provide a return for our sponsors. Below are a few ways you can support Pink Cup 2018. Each sponsorship opportunity comes with ONE FREE TEAM.

Major Swag Sponsor Free Team Included $3,000
Volunteer Dinner Sponsor Free Team Included $2,500
Car/Motorcycle Hole Free Team Included $2,000
Walden House Hole Free Team Included $2,000
Men’s Long Drive Hole Free Team Included $1,500
Ladies Long Drive Hole Free Team Included $2,500
Mens KP Hole Free Team Included $2,000
Ladies KP Hole Free Team Included $2,000
Closest to Pink Ribbon Free Team Included $1,500

* Each year, Jenn would also raise money to pay for Tom Baker nurses to play for free. Each of these teams cost $1200. Would you like to pay for a full team of nurses or donate a partial amount toward a team?

After Jenn got sick, it was her dream to raise $1 million. She knew the money put toward advances in medical science gave her the gift of extra years following her diagnosis. Please join me in honouring Jenn’s legacy, and in helping bring hope to so many others who are about to embark upon a similar difficult journey.

If we share with each other today, we will walk together forever.

Register your team todayPARTICIPATE

There are still a few teams left, but they’re going fast. Register as a team of four – or an individual player – and take part in one of the greatest charity golf tournaments going!

Tax Receipt IncludedDONATE

Please consider making a donation of any size to the Canadian Cancer Society in honour and memory of Pink Cup founder Jenn Birchall. You’ll get a charitable tax receipt in return.